Skyharbor: 3D Printable Victorian-Steampunk Fantasy STL

Created by Archangel Design

3D printable tabletop STL terrain pieces for Victorian era and Steampunk fantasy games.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Update 11 - Stretch Goal Updates
about 2 years ago – Thu, Nov 19, 2020 at 09:23:23 AM

Hello, Backers!

I hope everyone is doing well! Stretch goals are underway and I will be sending them out periodically over the next few weeks! As mentioned, check the timeline in our last update, but everything is in order. 

While I don't see it being too much of an issue, I have several upcoming things I must attend to before the holidays, and I may not be able to respond to everything on the campaign page as quickly as I normally do. At the moment, all of our stretch goals are nearing the final checks, inspections and I am getting ready for distribution via the Backerkit service. 

Vampire Lair - Work In Progress

I will be using all my free time available to work on finishing the models and send them as soon as I possibly can. Thank you all for your patience! 

If you have an emergency question, please email directly at ArchangelDesign3D at It will be the best way to contact me between Thanksgiving Day in the US and December 31. 

At this rate, there is almost a 90 percent chance every single stretch goal will be delivered by mid-December now. 

Thieves Hideout - Work in Progress

I have the modular city at completion and will be sending them out very soon. I am thinking it should be available within the next week. 

City Hall Modular Part 3 - Coming Up Next!

 I will be doing my very best over the 4-6 weeks to have as many of these modular ones as possible in the inbox for the city building portion. This Friday, City Hall will go out! 

If you have any questions in the meantime, please let me know. We also have almost all of the files from the core set delivered to backers, but there are a few outstanding surveys, which I can help with if you need. Thank you all so much for your patience and your support!



Update 10 - Alma Inn on its way! Core files are distributed, more to come soon!
about 2 years ago – Tue, Nov 10, 2020 at 04:05:15 PM

Hello Backers!
Just a brief update today; the third stretch goal the Alma Inn has been sent out this morning. City Hall is coming up next! As mentioned in the previous update, these next few will be in the modular format with compatible floors and roof tops with our first two stretch goals.

 Before I get to the stretch goal though, I just wanted to share this awesome paint work from Backer Michael Fox! I just want to thank him personally for his amazing paint work and sharing his first prints with me! 

Photo/Paint Courtesy of Skyharbor Backer, Michael Fox!

 Up next is the Alma Inn Stretch Goal, (Please note I have accidently left a bad version of the first roof along with the fixed version which will be noted in the file) I usually leave all the parts I am working on in my file packs and forgot to remove it. (PLEASE LOOK FOR THE FILE WITH FIXED IN THE NAME)

   A bonus flat roof will be included as well, this is for the modular set more than it is for the inn, but another part to be added into the five city stretch goals which will give them some flexibility and be good for the water tower to change the skyline up. There are chimneys included in the Steampunk pack too so you can choose to add them to roof tops where you see fit. 

That is all I have for today, but check your email for the latest stretch goal files, and I will have more to share with our additional modular city pieces coming very soon! As always, any questions you may have, I am available to answer and will be continuing to provide support with Backerkit to assist our remaining backers get their files! Thank you all so much; hope you have a wonderful week! 



Update 9 - Surveys Underway, File Delivery to Follow!
about 2 years ago – Fri, Nov 06, 2020 at 12:59:18 AM

Hello, Backers! 

Great news! Surveys are finally being sent out as of tonight. 

We will start with the test run of the surveys to make sure there are no problems and all of them will be sent out and delivered within the next 24 hours. 

From there, file delivery will happen as they roll in. I will be doing one massive Lock and Delivery on Saturday night so please allow 24-48 hours between your survey, and confirmation, with downloads to come to your inbox. 

If you have any problems at all, please message me directly. I can help you get your direct downloads manually by sending you a link that you can log onto with your Backerkit account. 

Stretch Goal Poll Results: 

An overwhelming majority of votes have come in now, it looks like all stretch goals will be staying as they are listed. But for everyone who wanted the wild west steampunk sets, don't worry, those are currently in the planning stages, but will need to be done after our stretch goals are delivered, and everything is fulfilled! I am hoping to get to those sometime in the near future! Thank you all for voting! 

Modular Stretch Goal City (More Options Added): 

As mentioned in my previous update, since we didn't unlock everything, I really felt there needed to be a better option for expanding the tabletop further. From a gameplay perspective and for a more expansive set up, this is achievable by making things more modular. So out of the ones we did unlock, I am selecting a few models and altering them to add modular options. But please note, these packs will come as individual buildings so you will need to pull parts from different packs to mix and match for additional styles. 

Modular Features for Unlocked Skyharbor Downtown 

Please note these are works in progress and I am still designing how the modular pieces will work.
  •  Stackable Second and Third floor options to make buildings taller and shorter. Skyscrapers can be built by printing more levels. 
  •  Two different roof top styles will be included with the Alma Inn. One will include a shingle roof with chimneys, while the other one will be a flat, open brownstone style roof for the water tower. 
  •  All Merchant Tower pieces will be able to be used to expand store fronts by using the parts from the Alma Inn, City Hall and the Post and Trade floors and roof tops. (Post and Trade is in the works COMING SOON!) 
  •  Approximately five to six different styles of buildings and roof tops will accompany the Stretch Goal set in its entirety, allowing for numerous mix and match options to make unique rows of city structures, shops and districts side by side or stand alone. 

The Merchant Tower and Constantine Tower shops are ready to go, and will be included with our delivery set. From there I am completing the Alma Inn, which is the third to the left, and City Hall which is on the far left. Up next after the Alma Inn will be the Post & Trade building, which I am currently altering to make it part of the modular set.

Estimated Stretch Goal Delivery (5 of 8 by November/December) 

  • Constantine Tower (Included in Core Set Delivery)
  • Merchant Tower (Included in Core Set Delivery)
  • Alma Inn ( Work in Progress - 2 weeks estimated delivery)
  • Skyharbor City Hall (Work in Progress - 2-3 weeks estimated delivery) 
  • Post and Trade (Modular Downtown Set) (Not depicted in render; early work in progress - Estimated 4-6 weeks delivery) 

Remaining Stretch Goal Order of Delivery (December to Jan/Feb 2020) 

Ellis Building in 1/144 Scale
  • Ellis Building 28 mm (Johnstown, PA) Department Store (Stand Alone - No Modular Options) 
  • The thieves hideout will likely have some French Gothic/ Tudor elements, with some inspiration from Victorian London.  (Possibly Modular/ Likely Stand Alone as per plans) 
  •  The Vampire Lair will be revealed last, because it will be the most elaborate and I have a lot more I want to add to this design still. I am still drawing up plans for that one, and it should be Gothic with Victorian elements! 

Update 8 - Backerkit, Stretch Goal 2 update, and other information
about 2 years ago – Tue, Nov 03, 2020 at 07:04:10 AM

Hello, Backers!

It is finally November, and I have a few brief announcements today! The first thing to go over is Backerkit.  I am not sure why, but apparently their team is on a holiday for the U.S. presidential election which has pushed the approval for survey sending by an extra day. 

It is likely I will be sending surveys out between November 4th and 6th now unfortunately, so not really a delay with my expectations, but still something to be aware of. I really want to get these sent as soon as possible, but the page won't allow me to do anything until Backerkit approves. It's locked, because I tried just sending them without approval today.  I thank you for your patience as we wait it out. As soon as everyone gets their survey, I will be starting distribution immediately! 

The one silver lining, is that the first stretch goal is going to be included on the direct download page as well, so everyone should have the ability to download that one right away. It is also possible the second stretch goal will be added within the next 2 days!  I am working on these every single night, and using the weekends to plan and build templates for the week. 

Work in Progress

The third stretch goal is underway, and I will be attempting modular options to be swapped between Stretch Goal 2 and Stretch Goal 3. It will be using the same template style, but will be a little different to finish out the L-shape I had hoped for. In addition, I tried to make these so they could be done in a long line along the brownstones and our upcoming ones. I see a ton of potential for a nice downtown city look with out unlocks. 

My apologies for the Backerkit delay, I will have an update as soon as possible when the surveys go out. Thank you all so much for your patience and support, and I will have more information within a few days. Check your emails, because as soon as I get approval I am hitting the send button! So you will likely have your survey before I pen the next update. 

That's all I have for today, but I will be designing and sculpting all week, so hoping to share more about stretch goals very soon! 



UPDATE 7 - Constantine Tower Shop Stretch Goal Completed
about 2 years ago – Thu, Oct 29, 2020 at 01:00:02 AM

Hello, Backers! 

Today will be a short update with some renders of our first stretch goal unlock. Everything is on schedule both with stretch goal design, and with Backerkit, so I have not heard of any delays. 

I will keep everyone updated when the surveys are ready and approved for sending and file delivery, hopefully within the next 3-6 days!  This unlock may be included in the first pack, or shortly after, as I will be sending them as I complete them. 

I was going to add lettering onto the shop sign, but I think it would be more versatile to leave it open to everyone to paint their own signage on with stenciling. There are plenty of ways to customize things with paint, and I felt it would detract a bit from the model if I put Lucian's Pub on in permanent lettering. 

As mentioned the first three stretch goals will be able to be positioned in an L-shaped city block, so I wanted to have a nice corner building for the shopping area. 

With that said, the two buildings I have for the next shop and the Alma Inn, I may add some modular pieces to them, keeping them the same size for peg connections, which will allow everyone to stack and mix and match store fronts and stories.

They can be used then to create a long line of shops if that is something you think you'd all like. I think it makes the most sense in terms of building a city, but on their own, they will be fine for single printings. My attempt will be to do modular for them, but I need to see how everything comes together before I make that a 100 percent. 

As with this one, I am going to leave the signs blank for painting. So in any case, you can print multiples of the shops and customize them with painting.  They will be tall and narrow as well, about 6 inches wide but with the height of the other city structures, so perfect for lining rows of shops on both sides of the street for interconnected Victorian era city blocks. 

Printing Note on Keystone & Main:  

As mentioned in previous updates, I felt the Keystone & Main corner building was excessively large for print time and oversized, while still being true to architectural scale for 28 mm.  It is my recommendation that everyone scales that particular model down to 82-84 percent of its original file size. Since the file pack is ready to go, it will be in 100 percent size when delivered, but I think it will fit much nicer with the Stretch Goals and other models in the set if it is scaled down a little. It will also reduce print times and material usage, so please take note of that particular model when you are getting into your printing. 

That's all I have for you today, but hopefully we will have a survey update between now and next Wednesday for delivery! I will keep everyone up to date as Backerkit's team finalizes everything, and I can hit that button! Thank you all so much, and I hope you have a wonderful week!